Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

New feature on Giggles & Bits (every other blog I "follow" hosts a "wordless Wednesday", so I'm going to "follow" suit)!  Each Wednesday I will post a photo that will reflect my life.  It may be a photo of my family, friends, something I love, places I love...anything!  I am going to cheat...although it's titled "wordless Wednesday," I will offer a caption! 

Here is my first WW entry!!

~ Similarities ~

My brother Cal is on the left, my son Hayden is on the right...I've really been aware of how much Hayden looks like my brother did when he was growing up!  Both Cal and Hayden are 10 years old in the pictures!

My brother Cal and my sister Jordan are on the left, my son Hayden and his "friend that's a girl" (not to be confused with "girlfriend") are on the right.  The picture of my son was taken last week just before the Homecoming dance, he is fourteen.  The picture of my brother and my sister was taken when Cal was twenty-seven. 

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  1. I actually thought the same thing when you blogged about Homecoming! Handsome guys. Hope you are well.