Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stitched Friendship, Sewn Love...

Imagine my surprise when my dear friend Becky (she moved to Kansas City last May) showed up at church on Sunday morning with this....for ME!!!!!

(photo courtesy of Becky)

Becky is an INCREDIBLE seamstress\quilter!!  Well...you can see that for yourself...just look at that BEAUTIFUL quilt!!!!  AND....it is HAND PIECED with SPARKLLY thread...JUST FOR ME!!!!

I love my Becky-boo!!!  She even put a place on the back for me to hang it on a rod!!  LOVE IT!

(This is a picture of me, Becky and Linda at Becky's going away dinner last May)


  1. After all you were the only motivation that made me finish the quilt. I didn't have a clue what to do with it after cutting out all the pieces. Made it so much easier to hand-sew them knowing the way your face was going to light up getting it. And your reaction was priceless!!!

  2. You gotta love a friend that can quilt, especially as good as Becky!!