Monday, July 12, 2010

Everyone Needs A Peter & Paul...

Nathan.  Jonathan.  Jethro.  Timothy.  Barnabas.

Week six of the "Wanted" sermons, "Everyone Needs A..."

...Peter and Paul.

Fast Facts:

Peter ~ Otherwise known as Simon (his given name); renamed Peter (Greek) by Jesus.  He was a fisherman; later one of Jesus' first representatives and is best known for his declaration that Jesus was the Christ, and later his denial of Christ.

Paul ~ Otherwise known as Saul, his Jewish name, perhaps given in memory of Israel's first king, a member of the tribe of Benjamin, to which Paul's family belonged; but following his conversion he was known as Paul.  A vision of Christ on the Damascus road was life changing for Paul, which led to his conversion and call as an apostle.  Paul became a leader in the church, its most well-known and widely traveled spokesperson, and a major New Testament writer.

They were mentors, teachers...they contributed to the spiritual growth of others, after fully maturing in their own spirituality. 

Both were full of wisdom...perhaps thought of as a spiritual "father".

In my own walk of faith I have found myself eager to gain as much spiritual knowledge as I can possibly learn.  I hunger for God's Word and I am drawn to those that can teach me and mold me into the woman that God desires me to be.

Within my sermon notes I scribbled down three names that I consider my "Peter" and my "Paul". 

And although I am an "open book" (or blog, so to speak), these three names I have decided to keep to myself...

....but know that each day I am growing more and more in Christ, shaped by the most amazing and influential people that God has placed within my life. 

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