Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christiana...Christ Bearer...

Christiana means Christian, Christ-bearer...

...that is exactly what she is.

Christiana is a childhood friend.  Her family and my family have been friends since before we were born.

Christiana is strong in faith. It may be truly said of her that she lives by faith. Her faith seems to be even without the least appearance of diffidence or doubt in her words or actions, she has God and Christ continually in view! 

...Christiana is a "missionary", although it would now seem that her work through Christ is simply, life. 

And watching Christiana share her testimony and hearing the passion in her voice... leaves me breathless, yet full of the Holy Spirit.

Christiana is going on her eighth year of living in Moscow, Russia.  Having been persuaded into taking a mission trip to Russia to work with orphans, Christiana heard the Lord calling her to return to Russia to take on a more "permanent" missionary role...
...Now the principal at Hinkson Christian Academy, Christiana lives on funds she raises through love offerings, donations and fundraising. 

Each and every day Christiana touches the lives of hundreds of children, enriching them with an education and a zest for life with Christ that otherwise would not be available if not for Hinkson Christian Academy...
...Christiana endures struggles with the Russian government, always throwing "kinks" in her spiritual path, often making her future foggy. 

And yet...she marches on, with the voice of God in her head, the love of Christ in her heart...she displays a courage that most people only dream about.

Today I am asking you to reach out to Christiana.  I would love for you to know her story, to share in her beauty and strength....

...if you are interested in financially contributing to Christiana's incredible journey you may send your donations to:

Christiana Graham #5902
RCE International
PO Box 4528
Wheaton, IL 60189

Or, you may contribute by sending care packages and/or notes of encouragement to: (mail must be addressed like this)

RUSSIA 115127
37 Varshavskoye Shosse
International Post Office Box 144
Hinkson Academy
C. Graham

Russia 115127

All addresses must be written directly on the box or the letter (using a "customs form" will not work, regardless of what the post office might tell you). Average mailing time is one month (even though the post office says within 6-10 days).

I CHALLANGE all of you to contribute to Christiana's mission (Christ's work)!  At the very least, your contribution is a "divine" connection with one of God's "angels!"

Much love to you, Christiana!  May you have peace, joy, love and the financial means to carry forward with your journey!  I am so very proud to call you my friend!

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