Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogger World, Take 2...

This program was temporarily interrupted.  We now return to our regularly scheduled posts.  Stay tuned!

PS.  Become one of my "peeps" on the right hand side...I lost all of my previous "followers".


  1. I wanna be the first peep, but there is no link to sign up! Work on that girl. Like you have extra time!
    Love the new blog, colors, polka dots and all.

  2. Ummmm....Patti, if you will notice Jackie became a think there IS a link! ;) Try again my friend and shout louder if it still doesn't work!

  3. When I go in to manage the blogs I'm following, it shows your blog and you have 27 followers, and I'm still one of them, but on your page it's coming up as 4 and I'm not one of those 4. On Becky's page I was listed 2x (like a cyberstalker!). I have you on Google Reader and I will follow you regardless. I'll sort it out when they stabilize this thing!! As long as I'm not missing your charming posts with the studmuffin photos!

  4. I has 2 blogs for you too
    One said "giggles and bits" and the other said "giggles & bits".
    No explanation - full moon?

  5. Um, know you are a cyberstalker...quit pretending like you're not! ;) And what are you talking about giggles and bits and giggles & bits?? I don't understand you sometimes! LOL!