Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obsessively Organized...It's Orgasmic!

As a child growing up we always "switched" from spring/summer clothes to fall/winter clothes on Easter and Labor Day weekends.  As a mother and a wife, I have somewhat followed this "tradition", however it's difficult to determine exactly when to put things away and when to pull things out when you live in Missouri.  The past few weeks we have had cooler weather, but as history would prove, the moment I put away all of our summer clothing, we will have temperatures in the high 90's. 

BUT...I'm going to be optimistic and believe that the cooler weather is here to stay (honestly, it's the obsessive compulsive in me that simply feels the need to organize, pack and store away our summer things and wash, fold and hang up our fall and winter wardrobes). 

Oh happiness is mine.  The thought of neatly folding shorts, tanks and sleeveless dresses as well as carefully placing sandals, strappy shoes and flip flops in the proper shoe makes me tingle all over!  But wait...opening the sealed plastic containers that have cradled my sweaters, corduroys and leather's like Christmas come early!

There's more...the labeling!  OMG, the labeling!  Last year hottie husband bought me a label was like getting a 4 carat diamond ring.   There are so many endless possibilities with a label gun!

But it doesn't end with becomes so much more than seasonal clothing!  Organization takes over my kitchen...

And don't even THINK about placing anything in the wrong spot...have you seen the movie "Sleeping With The Enemy?"....yep, hottie husband wants me to ask you to watch it, and feel his pain.  Whatever.


  1. You can come organize my closets anytime. And finish off the sewing is started...but not enough for you I bet. Feel free to come over and get started! LOL

  2. I think I've just been exposed to your dark side!!! LOL Just remember, when people say you are OCD, you tell them you are actually CDO because you prefer the letters arranged alphabetically!!!

  3. Organizing makes my toes curl, I love it! Is that really your closet? Wow- that is good!

  4. Wow. Good for you. Now can you come do mine? Organizing is torture to me.