Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The New York Saga...Part Four

The continuance of
"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"
...because New York's "world" is REALLY mad!
Ah, New York City...where the Wall Street tycoons turn out to be desperate men looking for a "short stay" that only requires twenty minutes...

...so, we left off yesterday with me walking away from the very nice, but unacceptable offer from the kind businessmen. Greg and I walked a few blocks to the end of 5th avenue, passing through Washington Square Park. If you have never been to Washington Square Park in NYC, it's a beautiful area with a magnificent arch, a fountain pit and two sets of playgrounds, for the babies and for the bigger kids, a dog run and what I can only assume a bustling drug trade.
We ended up walking into a McDonald's across the street from the park and ordered hot coffee and a small bite to eat (I need food when I take my pills...the pills keep my OCD to a minimum, but even that is still working at a high level, so just imagine if I didn't take the pills??!)....by the way, what's with the questionable look that my boss gives me every time I order a coffee? Three splenda's and 4 creamers is not out of the ordinary, right?

...so, there we are, sitting at a small table at the front of McDonald's, checking our emails, listening to phone messages and drinking our coffee...when all of the sudden insanity explodes!!!
Some dude, and he wasn't homeless (or least didn't appear to be) was pitching an all out FIT about McDonald's wanting to charge him $0.38 for mayonnaise....

....ummmmm, okay, it's early morning dude, why do you need mayonnaise? What breakfast food could you possibly put mayonnaise on? Seriously!?
So there he is...having a one sided conversation (directed towards the manager of McDonald's, who was smartly in the back) screaming at the top of his lungs that "this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. You want to charge me $0.38 for mayonnaise?!!! ARE YOU KIDDING?!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!"
....you see, NYC has an anti-terror "See Something, Say Something" campaign, and the city has a gazillion posters encouraging anyone to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. I’m all for this kind of tattle tailing, and was wondering if I should report this obviously mentally ill man to the cop that was sitting in the Dunkin Donuts next door...

.....but then I realized this man was not completely insane when he yelled this....(my favorite part of his solo dialog)...."YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO DO???!!! I'M NEVER, EVER COMING BACK HERE!"

....really Mr. Mayonnaise? You'll never, ever come back to this McDonald's?? That's so sad....because I'm sure that this McDonald's, located at the end of 5th Avenue in NEW YORK CITY is going to notice that you are no longer coming in and asking for $0.38 mayonnaise....
Honestly, I was to the point of offering him the $0.38, but my own coin purse was empty...I think they charged me for the 3 splenda's and 4 creamers. How dare they! Maybe I should have offered him one of my pills....
Still more to this day...but my posts have been GINORMOUSLY LONG (as pointed out by my boss) so I'll continue this continuance tomorrow...
To be continued....again.

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