Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The New York Saga...Part Five

"Mixed Marketing Message"

...continuing our "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" theme, our bizarre day did not end with Mr. Mayonnaise.

As Greg and I were walking back to our morning appointment (the one that I thought was an hour earlier) we strolled passed a young woman with a dog who appeared to be homeless. This girl looked to be a few years younger than me, hair in dread locks, what looked to be like a well fed dog (that was confusing) and a long, tan overcoat. She sat up against the wall beneath a Barnes and Noble store with a large cardboard sign decorated with large, black, block letters.

...Before I go into what the cardboard sign said, I would like to first say that I'm all for helping out the homeless, if it makes sense. I see no problem with offering a hot cup of coffee or even a meal to someone that is clearly struggling and on the street. However, I'm generally against random cash handouts, because it rarely really helps the individual.

...Back to the homeless girl....admittedly it pulls at my heart strings to see people suffer, I was totally ready to hand her a coupon for a free Fruit & Maple Oatmeal from McDonald's (fully prepared to warn her about the lunatic flipping out about the $0.38 mayonnaise) but then my eyes caught her sign....

"What the %!&#
It's just a buck!"

Ooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy...there goes that "pulling of the heart strings" feeling I had, and as for that coupon for free way, Jose!

...I am in the marketing business, and I'm pretty sure that she should change her message...I doubt it's really working for her...

....but on the bright side, she could always meet up with Mr. Mayonnaise and give him the same advice...I mean really, $0.38 is not even half a buck, right!?

...Apparently her test marketing didn't pay off, when Greg and I walked back by after our appointment she had changed her sign..

(this wasn't her actual sign,
but it might as well have been)

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