Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Men of the Club" Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser...

It is my FAVORITE night of the year! The night when 10 local men (this year it was 9, we had a drop out at the last minute) compete for the title of "Mr. Jefferson City!" These men risk it all in three categories, swimwear, talent and "evening" wear. I place "evening" in quotations because this category gets pretty creative. One year we had a contestant dress as Darth Vader from Star Wars!

A male pageant doesn't get better than this! My fellow Boys & Girls Club board member, Kathy Crow, and I have coordinated this event the past four years and we do an AWESOME job, if I do say so myself!

This was the 5th annual "Men of the Club" event. This year we sold 1,200 tickets and we raised just under $35,000!!!

Here are some highlights (I'm hoping to post a few video clips in the next week):

This is me with Ryan Freeman.
I used to babysit Ryan and now he is a dear friend of mine!
I love this guy!

Jon Kempker, singing Adam Sandler's "Sloppy Joe!"

Adam Troutwine & friend, preforming a SNL skit...
I'll let you decipher the title of the song....

This is the winner of the competition, Ryan Imhoff.
He and his friends did the Justin Timberlake
spoof of Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies!"

This needs no's just HOT!

Ryan Imhoff in his idea of "evening" wear.
He is dancing to "I Feel Pretty!"

Ryan Freeman & friends with an encore of last year's "Thriller!"


  1. If I weren't a friend, I'd steal your pictures for my blog! You have some good ones. although I do have one of you from a distance.
    You girls did a great job! It's always so much fun.
    a friend who sat in the very last table, suggest you have someone, like a guy in dress up, come and pass a basket for money. You might want to think about that.
    Mark another one down in the JC history book. Mr. Jefferson City!
    Thanks for the hug too!

  2. My mixed up word to leave that comment was
    reminded me of you last name!

  3. Congrats, Betsy! What a great fundraiser. Didn't even know about that one, but sounds like it was a lot of fun! OMG! What a hoot! Congrats on the money raised!

  4. Betsy,
    Hey, this is Mrs. Imhoff, aka Natalie! I am so glad I found your blog! I just wanted you to know what a fantastic event this was, and I probably will never miss another Men of the Club! Doesn't Ryan look so good in that pink number? haha ...
    Check us out at