Friday, May 15, 2009

The Radiation Diet...

Big Mac Meal from McDonald's (large) - $4.09

McDonald's Apple Pie - $1.15

Puking up 1,500 calories you inhaled at lunch due to radiation treatments - priceless!

*Honey, where are the hostess ho-ho snack cakes?


  1. Hey girl, hope you get to feeling better. Sorry about the puky stuff.
    Oh and I agree with you on the Star trek stuff, I never did like the sci-fi stuff.

  2. I am missin' you this week for some reason. Maybe b/c I have been praying lots! I was in Hobby Lobby and saw a gal who from the back looked like she had your hair...and I almost ran up to her and gave her a big hug...but then she turned and I was super disappointed that it wasn't you. Now, I realize you probably aren't in a shop-at-hobby-lobb-mood thsi week, but I guess I was really wanting to give you a hug. So much so that I almost hugged someone I don't know. Ahhhhhhhh?!?!