Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"And Betsy Was Her Name-O" ...The BOOK!

I lead a very "eventful" life...that is no secret. Things just...happen. Someone once said I'm like Forrest Gump, and I have to agree..."life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!"

I've had several people within my life that have suggested I write a book. I've always laughed at the idea, thinking it was silly. Then somebody else would come along and suggest the same..."you should write a book!" ...and I would think, "when would I have the time to write?"

Light bulb!

I love to blog...why not incorporate my blog with my book? GENIUS!

And so I begin. It's really a win, win situation! I begin "writing" my book, and at the same time I am keeping up with the blogging world! LOVE IT!

How this will work is I will begin to "record" memories, life events, miscellaneous tidbits about my life in my posts. When the time comes, and I feel ready, I will organize my posts and compile them into a book format...

....the best part is I know a really good printer....ME  :) (I sell for a local printing company)

I've been thinking about titles for my book and although I'm not definite about a title, I thought about naming it "And Betsy Was Her Name-O" ...my first "entry" will be an explanation of why I think this might be a fun title...

"And Betsy Was Her Name-O"

Growing up my stepdad used to sing a song to me: (sung to the tune of "Bingo"...the "B-I-N-G-O" part)
Ellyn Elizabeth Hockady Fine
Ellyn Elizabeth Hockady Fine
Ellyn Elizabeth Hockaday Fine
and "Betsy" was her name-o!

Creative, right? Perhaps not as creative as I was on the first day of kindergarten...
...allow me to explain why my stepdad used to sing that song to me...

I was born on April 6, 1974. My mother, Jennifer and my father, Cam (by the way, both my mother and my father only have ONE middle name!) came to agree on a name for their first born...a baby girl...
Mother: "We will name her Ellyn Elizabeth Hockady Fine"
Father: "Yes, Ellyn Elizabeth Hockaday Fine! Ellyn, after my sister, Elizabeth because it's beautiful, Hockaday, after your grandparents and Fine...a good strong last name!"
Doctor: "Nurse, you will need a second page for the birth certificate!" (okay, I exaggerate...I don't think the doctor really said that...but I'm certain he was thinking it)

And so I began my life as Ellyn.

I don't really remember much of my life before the age of five...I do know that I was adored, loved and spoiled rotten!

Five years later...(when my memory really begins to kick into full gear) I was enrolled in kindergarten at West Elementary School. Mrs. Jones would be my teacher and she loved ladybugs...I remember feeling excited to get to know Mrs. Jones because I loved ladybugs too!

I was tall for my age, lean and lanky. Golden blond hair that swept my shoulders, bangs cut straight across my forehead. My mother had me stand on the front step of our home so she could snap a photo on my first day of school.

I remember entering the classroom, it seemed so big! Little round tables with tiny seats low to the floor...Mrs. Jones showed me where my assigned seat would be and then pointed out my cubby so I could hang up my tote bag. I took a seat next to a little red headed boy named James Keown (don't forget that name, he'll show back up later in my book) and gently folded my hands in my lap.

As Mrs. Jones began to call roll I waited patiently for my name to be called...I don't remember thinking at the time that I would be embarrassed by my name...but I do remember the names of the other girls in my class as Mrs. Jones called out... Susan, Amy, Stephanie, Holly, Molly....all really "normal" and "cute" names...not "Ellyn"...such an old and stiff name for such a cute and innocent little girl...

...and then it was my turn...
Mrs. Jones: "Ellyn Fine..."


...Now, being a very imaginative child, I was quick to think! I had just recently received a "Betsy Wetsy" doll (she pees when you push her belly) as a gift and so I replied to Mrs. Jones:

Me: "Oh....um....that's not my name."

Mrs. Jones: (confused) "Oh, okay...what is your name?"

Me: "Um...it's.....Betsy."

Mrs. Jones: "Okay then, Betsy is what we will call you!"

Yeah....it was that easy.

....and "Betsy Was Her Name-O"....

You know that saying...."Everything you need to know, you learn in kindergarten"...???

....well....I learned that you can be whoever your little heart desires to be! And as a side note...I don't pee when you push my belly..   ;)

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  1. Are you sure you don't pee when your belly is pushed? I am surprised you don't have a story about that one... :)
    Love the idea of a book about Betsy!
    Can I have an autographed copy, please!