Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Kick It Kate"...

Thirteen years ago I met Katie Lehenbauer...
...a spunky, free-spirited, HILARIOUS, twenty-something gal that I immediately bonded with!

Katie and I met in our "banking" adventures...both the "newbies" of a local bank, we laughed together, cried together, planned our weddings together, borrowed each other's clothes and shared secrets! "Katie-bug" was my BFF!

Shortly after Katie married, she and her husband moved to Texas. Katie's husband had taken a job offer that provided a better opportunity for their growing family.

Over the years Katie and I have frequently kept in touch through Facebook (all hail social networking!), sharing photos of our children, our homes....our lives in general!

....Four weeks ago Katie contacted me to share with me that she has been diagnosed with OsteoSarcoma...
 a cancerous (malignant) bone tumor.

Although the cancer has been caught early, Katie is scheduled for eight rounds of Chemotherapy and will begin her second round today...

In the midst of Chemo treatments and dealing with her diagnosis, Katie and her husband (along with their three darling children) are moving back to Missouri, where her husband has been relocated in his job!
...Added stress, would you agree?

In effort to ENCOURAGE Katie in her fight, Katie's sister-in-law has had t-shirts, bracelets, hoodies and coolie cups made that are for sale and all the proceeds will be donated to MD Anderson OsteoSarcoma Research!

To place an order, you can email

T-shirts start at $15...

For 2xl, 3xl and pocket t-shirt's add $2

Long sleeve t-shirt's $20, hoodies $25, silicone bracelets $2 or 3/$5, coolie cups $3.50 or 3/$10.

Orders will be mailed to you!

Please join me in PRAYING for this family, for complete HEALING and STRENGTH!

Support Katie....beautiful Katie!!

I love you Katie-bug!

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