Monday, April 20, 2009

The Power Of Target....

Shopping objective: 1 stick of deodorant: $3.25

Actual purchase: 6 sticks of deodorant each a different scent (have you read about my OCD?), 3 laundry baskets, 2 pair of flip-flops, 2 pair kids' sneakers, 1 pack men's socks, 1 sports bra, 3 dish towels, 1 bathroom rug, 3 tank tops on sale, 1 pair sunglasses, 2 pair of earrings, 1 set of drinking glasses, 1 photo album, 2 birthday cards, 3-pack scotch tape, 1 spring wreath, 2 candles and a teen magazine because it had Zac Efron on the cover:

Total purchase: $218.69

Hottie Husband's reaction when I return home: "Hand over the debit card."

1 comment:

  1. Can you set that to the tune of "The twelve days of christmas"?