Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attack Of The Killer Squirrel...

While my hottie husband was cooking dinner last night our phone rang:

Hottie Husband: "Hello?"

My mother: "Mark, it's Jennifer. Are you busy?"

Hottie Husband: "I'm cooking dinner, what's going on?"

My mother: "I really hate to take you away from cooking dinner, but is there a chance you could come to our house? Erwin has trapped a squirrel in our dining room and he's going CRAZY!"

Hottie Husband: "The squirrel or Erwin?"

My mother: "Both!"

Hottie Husband: "I'm on my way!"

This is how the story goes...

Yesterday morning my step-father (Erwin) was getting ready for work and when he opened his closet door there was a squirrel in his closet! He immediately shut the door and figured the squirrel could rest in his closet for the day and he would deal with the squirrel when he returned from work and had more time. WRONG CHOICE!

Apparently this squirrel is a reincarnation of JAWS because during the day when nobody was home at the Milne house the squirrel CHEWED HIS WAY THROUGH THE CLOSET DOOR!!

Now, I imagine that the squirrel (once finally free of my dad's closet) took it upon himself to snoop through my parents dresser drawers, helped himself to the leftovers in the refrigerator, maybe took a nap in their over sized king size pillow top bed with down comforter, showered, played on the Internet for a few hours and then when he heard the garage door opening up at the end of the day indicating that the parental units were returning home he scattered and hid in the dining room (after all, it's very rare for anyone to be in the dining room with all the breakables)! That's where my dad discovered him. That is when my mother made the call to my hottie husband who was in the middle of cooking me my dinner.

When my husband arrived my dad greeted him at the door with a large wooden club:

Frazzled Dad: "He's all yours, son!"

My hottie husband (without his cape and mask I might add) saved the day and taunted the squirrel out from underneath the china hutch and took one swing at it with the wooden club and this was the result (taken with my hottie husband's cell phone, so the picture isn't great but you get the idea):

Sadly, there was one casualty...
Is it bizarre to you that when hottie husband was leaving my parents house after his "squirrely" victory he was pelted with acorns from above?


  1. I do hope the squirrel didn't go to waste. That some one skinned it and it's being cooked tonight with dumpling?!?!
    bon appetite

  2. I think I'll pass on that meal idea.....ewwwwwww! :)