Thursday, May 3, 2012


Question # 26: "What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?"

Entitlement is a word that has become increasingly common, not so much in the use of the word itself, but the assumed practice by which we think we deserve something. Entitlement means having a right to something...

People today have made the mistake of putting far too much emphasis on the idea of what we think we are owed simply because we has rights... or worse, because we think that things are supposed to be easy for us.

The egocentric belief that we are “owed” something based on performance, status, our works, are unmerited...

I'm not sure where this notion comes from, but wherever it stems from, entitlement is the sign of a neglected, malnourished soul.

In the end, it's the entitled who, however rich, are truly poor. Instead of knowing life as a gift, life turns into something that's taken for granted.

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