Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love Language...

Sunday was Mother's Day...

...it was also TWELVE YEARS to the day that hottie hubby and I married!

TWELVE YEARS!! And I love hottie hubby more today than I did the day we said "I do."

Two years ago (after I turned my life around, you can read about that here), hottie hubby sent me a letter in the mail while he was away with the National Guard:

20 reasons that I love you:
1. I love the way that you light up a room.

2. I love how enthusiastic you are...at ALL times.

3. I love the way you are always concerned about others and how they feel.

4. I love your gift to me of three beautiful boys.

5. I love the way that you brag about me to other people.

6. I love the way you let me think that I'm saving you all the time.

7. I love the way that you insist that our house is perfect, no matter what.

8. I love the way you push me to do things outside my comfort zone.

9. I love the way that in everything you do, you do it all.

10. I love the way that you found a church that you loved and now it is OUR church.

11. I love the way that you insist on having it your way all the time.

12. I love that the thought of my life without you seems very bleak and boring.

13. I love the way that I live for your smile and for your laugh.

14. I love the way that you make every holiday and birthday special for everyone.

15. I love the way that you support me in my dreams and aspirations.

16. I love the way you can make things happen, even when they seem impossible.

17. I love that I have the rest of my life to enjoy you.

18. I love the sound of your voice.

19. I love the way that you can make me yearn for more.

20. I love the way......this one is secret (but I'll whisper it to you when I get home).

I keep my letter inside the top drawer of my dresser and on Sunday I pulled it out and re-read it for the millionth time!

In celebration of our TWELVE YEARS of marriage, I have made a list of my own reasons for why I love hottie hubby...

1. I love how dedicated and dependable you are in every job you have ever had.

2. I love your passion for our country and your courage to protect it through the National Guard.

3. I love the way you look in uniform...  ;)

4. I love the way you make me feel beautiful.

5. I love watching you as a father.

6. I love your barbecue chicken and rib eye steaks!

7. I love that you are not afraid to show emotion.

8. I love the way you hold me when I need to be held.

9. I love how strong you are...both physically and emotionally.

10. I love that you love me for who I am...unconditional love....

11. I love the secrets that only you and I share....

12. I love when you get so tickled that you get the hiccups.

13. I love your faith, your strength through Christ and your passion to serve our God.

14. I love it when you tell me a joke and when you deliver the punch line you give that look of "get it?" at the end...

15. I love (and admire) your calmness in life.

16. I love that you are you...

17. I love the way you proposed to me....

18. I love your perseverance in life.

19. I love your intelligence.

20. I love....I'll let you know the rest of this one later tonight....   ;)

I love you Mark! You make me smile from ear to ear, each and every day! Happy Anniversary!!


  1. Happy 12th! You know the gift for 12 years is SILK. I'm hoping you get some pretty silk PJ's! or silk sheets!